Unregulated Word 2009:

    The Holy Spectacle


Featured Readings By:

   Jacob Johanson, Jason Ryberg, David Smith, Richard Daley, Tom Wayne, Shawn Pavey, Steve goldberg, Jason Hardung, Amelie Florence, Frank Reardon, Mickey Ceasar, Dan Provost, Abigail Beaudelle, S.A. Griffin, Scott Wannberg, Doug Knott, Mike M. Mollett, Michael Lane Bruner, Aleathia Drehmer, Scot Young, John Dorsey, Iris Appelquist, T.J. Jude, Justine Middleton, Kathryn Erlinger, Seth Elkins, Jason Neese, John True, Brian Hardie, and Rebecca Berrara



With a Special Perfomance By:


   The Carma Bums