Off Beat Pulp: Issue One

Featured Article:

   An Off Beat Evening out with DJ Miss Michaela


Featured Poet:

   The FUG


Poetry by:

   Siobhan Anderson, Iris Applequist, Aurora, Doug Baldwin, Georgina Banfield, Hank Beukema, Blue, William Brazier, John Dorsey, The Fug, Brandi Hutchinson, Karl Koweski, Rob Plath, Ryan Roenfeld, Jason Ryberg, Luc Simonic, Barton Smock, Jeff Stuckey, and Joseph Veronneau


Flash Fiction and Short Stories by:

   R.J. Barker, Steve Gunnoe, Shedim Kabal, Greg Oguss, Adam 'Bucho' Rodenberger, Barton Smock, and Winston Sparrow


Art by:

   Richard W. Daley, Juice Ink, K.W. Monster, Lauren Murphy, Nezzy Nation, Shawn Peterson, Cliff Robinson, and Robert Wiles


Editorials by:

   Chronic the Hedgehog, GIVN2SIN, and The Mad Waiter


Comics by:

   Duane Cunningham, Larry Duane, and K.W. Monster


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