Off Beat Pulp: Issue Two

Poetry by:

   Lester Allen, Martin Avery, J.B., Maggie Bloom, Sean Bowen, Patrick Fleming, Amelie Florence, Michael D. Grover, Jack Henry, Kleine Himmel, David LaBounty, Wayne Mason, Beth McGann, David McLean, R.C. Miller, Jason Neese, Greg Oguss, Rob Plath, Zachari James Popour, Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger, Tammy Foster Trendle, and Yesk


Flash Fiction and Short Stories by:

   R.J. Barker, Brian Murphy, Redlight Razorgirl, Adam “Bucho” Rodenberger, and Zara


Art by:

   Heather Bell, Blue, Emily Brookover, Richard Daley, Beth McCann , Lauren Murphy, Cliff Robinson, and Cheryl Townsend


Editorials by:

   Chronic the Hedgehog, GIVN2SIN, The Mad Waiter, and Cliff Robinson


Comics by:

   Duane Cunningham and Larry Duane


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