White Time
   by David Smith



An amazing collection of both published and previously unpublished poems.




“Muscular and funny, satirical and tender, David Smith is a big-city tough talker…Smith’s mixture of tough blasts and affecting lyricism creates an invigorating texture.”


- Holly Prado, Los Angeles Times


David Smith refers to himself as a nervy sort of aperitif, melancholy in his clarity though his words often hit the reader like sunlight streaming through an open floor-to-ceiling window. WHITE TIME is an engrossing collection of Smith’s searing insights into life experiences, travels, travails, and art as both madness and clear logic. His work both hits the bull’s eye naturally drawing us into the center of his work, while never letting us forget the interesting stuff occurring in the outer rings of his heart and mind.


- Karen Bowles, Publisher - Luciole Press